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Man do i love wax play! i just want my junk caked in hot wax!


Ruffy said...

These are VERY HOT! Pun intended. LOVE that first pic!!! Ever have hot wax in your piss hole?

Sir's Boy said...

yes i have. Burnt like hell. The problem is the heavy coating look cool but they are just wax on wax so it doesn't feel much. I like the burn. I have found that tea lights make great play toys, they melt quick and several of them add to the ambiance as your await your fate. I once had the candle inserted in my cock and it was allowed to burn down to the tip. Freaked me out but didn't hurt. By the time the flame was that low wax had built up on the tip. Of course that starteed to melt. It was extinguished with my own cum. Very Hot!