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Fill er Up!


Ruffy said...

That second pic, HOLY SHIT is he Adorable!!!

Sir's Boy said...

Yes he is. I would have walked up right there and asked for that drink and bought him a beer to start my 2nd round. I love drinking from the tap, but something really hot too about having to drink it from a cup. A fav top in my past would refill his beer bottles for me. We would hang in the garage and he had a couple of straight buddies who I would be "forced" to suck off too. He would take his empty bottle, turn his back to them in the garage and fill it, then hand it to me. As we drank over the next 15-20 minutes they just stared as I continued to drink his bottled piss. This went on and on. Then they would fill their own emptys back up and watch me drink it, then I would blow them. They were so hot, they would blown in less than 3 minutes at that point. He really got off on the fact that his cock unloaded where his straight buds cum just shot. I just like the piss. Hell, bring me and 5 man army and 2 24 packs of beer and just watch me pig out.